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Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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David Michalík – Jednatel
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Robert Chromčák – Jednatel
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A small katana

We studied the geometry and functionality of knives from samurai swords and put them into Tor, so it is suited for any task . With this knife I cut down a few trees , a few wires and I used it in everyday activities . Geometry so sophisticated that even after cutting through the iron it was still usable . You won’t recognize a good knife when it is sharp, you can sharpen a spoon, but when it is dull. Even after that it still works better than expected and we use it even if there are sharper knives around.

The standard of quality


We used the highest quality steel S1 , extremely resistant material . In the durability it held the blade and exceeded our expectations in every way . Together with our hardening, which is during the whole process closely controlled, after cutting copper pipe without damage and chipping the edge, as well as a long cutting to hardwood.


Real survival


In TK knives we want to insert something special into every design . The element which connects together places that are not even close . Tor is my personal knife for everyday wear and when designing and shaping I had a strong emphasis on versatility . As a rule, the knife that you have with you, is not a survival knife . In crisis situations are such knives unusable. With Tor , we perfectly combined requirements of both worlds EDC and survival . Tor is a knife that I always have with me , and I can count on it in the harshest conditions , and believe that such conditions have occurred several times . With frozen hands in -17 ° C without shelter in the mountains and on the ice. I have always been able to rely on a Tor, for it was always ready and always razor sharp.