TK Knives

Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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David Michalík – Jednatel
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Robert Chromčák – Jednatel
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Folding knives!

The Prototype   After a few months of designing, we finally reached a draft of the folder that meets our requirements in terms of practicality, aesthetics and comfort grip. So this is our first prototype! We are just amazed how our first piece looks and works and it seems, that you are too. We received […]

DLC knives

DLC Tor   Some time ago we mentioned new level of Tor with DLC coating. We fulfill our promises. Here is the next level of the Tor. Handle is made of Cocobolo, blade is V2 and almost unscratchable premium quality DLC coating.  

Tungsten wash

Research is necessary part of the advancement. Heading forward is one of the main goals of TK Knives. We always try new things, investigate the old ones and strive for improvement. Stonewash is known world-wide. Tungsten wash was for the first time implemented by TK Knives.  Tumbling of the knife is done in Tungsten carbides, […]


We are working on the next level of Tor. The knife is going to be perfectly polished, it will have handle from Cocobolo and it is going to have very hard DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. Besides visual aspect DLC provides stain resistance, stays polished and is very scratch resistant as it has structure close […]

One level higher

TK knives is always going forward. And opposite of another companies we started to apply differential hardening – known in samurai swords – that will further bring more toughness and reliability. In differential hardening the knife  edge is much harder, than the spine and handle. From old samurai traditions we invented our own mixture, that […]

New crafting technology!

We are still working on the web and while here are not many things changig they indeed are in the technical aspect of TK knives. We modified few geometries of our knives, so that one of them got stuck in my knee. At least it confirmed maximal effectivity and cutting ability. Here is a video […]

New web online!

How You may noticed the new TK Knives web is online! Still needs a lot of work but in a while it is going to contain a lot of information! By the time we are working on the web You can see our portflio of knives which only misses designs You have on our mind!