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Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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evolution of a knife

Very precise, comfortable, unbelievably useful and effective. These are the words that can describe Tor MOD. Heat treated according to techniques of an old Japan, ground to efectivity and sharpness of a katana. Made of most modern materials, premeditated to the last detail. I could continue with a simmilar list for an eternity, but it is unneccessary. This knife will speak for itself as soon as it is taken in hand. Tor Mod is an evlotuion of a personal knife from TK Knives, which was for a year every day tested and modified. After our tests, when it was slashed hardly into a dried out Oak for 1000 times and still shaved as new it became my personal choice of knife in extreme conditions.


The blade

differentialy hardened steel V2. Our “Saint grail” steel. Unbelievably strong, confident and hard. Combined with our heat treating techniques it is remarkable and fuses opposites. As toughness and hardness. We are rock solid sure, that the knife won’t brake. Our confidence is claimed by our unbeatable warranty. ( For info about the warranty click here – first article)


Self made composite similar to Micarta which has the benefit in higher flexibility and thickness of an individual layer. The handling is very stable even the knife is first submerged in oil (tested). Premeditated ergonomy of the handle. Countours tremendously different of standarts you know. Anatomicaly made for a human hand with a shape and contour that spreads the force, lowers the tiring of an arm, hand and tendons and does not restrict the user in the next iportant activities. So even after few hours of an extensive force cutting you are able to continue working with the knife or other activity. Scales are hold by very strong glue that can whitstand almost 400kg of force by cm. The screws are heat treated so the 100% reliability is ensured.


The knife is supplied with a sheath made of ABS plastic. That is used for example on motorcycle guard and is harder than Kydex. It less prone to wear and protects the knife better. There are 5 ways of attaching the sheath to a belt or a backpack strap (belt is recommended)