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Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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Tomas Mohyla

How would look an ideal chef knife? There is no better way to find out than to ask the master chef cook.

Beautifully crafted design and function

This masterly crafted piece of art is the result of an ideas of Tomas Mohyla and design from TK Knives fusing the chef and a boning knife.

Precise as a tool can be

Made of finely selected high-end materials – Gr.5 Titanium, RWL-34 blade steel and Metapol handle – and practical use in mind as this knife is to be the all day useful and working companion. Very precise hardening brings its sharp edge to a peak of possibilities and HRC of 64 ensures it holds it for forever.

Like a silk on your palm

But although the working blades is excelent it is nothing with unpremeditated ergonomy. Which does not include only the highest comfort handle possible, no sharp edges and anatomical shape but also the design which almost forces you to use the knife again and again with pleasure and style. All this is underlined with abstractly done acid etching on one part of the blade and the mirror finish on the second. Not to mention the fine satin finish on the titanium and handle itself.