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Weapon of Thor, god of norhthern legends and mythologies. Maybe You noticed somewhat of a connection between the names of our blades. Similarly to our knife Tor the Mjölnir is my personal prototype. More rigid than tha hammer of Thor himself.


Eternal Companinon

After discontinuing Kyre Army we created a blank space in our portfolio. We wanted to patch it up with the knife Dreadnought and altough Dreadnough has its own very strong qualities it does not come close to Kyre Army in ergonomy, compactness and overall function per inch. The only choice was to get back to drawing board and recreate an old legend.


Build of all our experiences combined and has such great ergonomy that it almost “disappeared” in my life. Every day tasks from opening boxes striping wires to batoning and opening tin cans stands no chance for Mjölnir since it was created for far greater things.

Awesome steel SB-1 @ 61-62HRC with cryo treatment and tripple tempering will stand tough and will not chip out, roll or crack. Lockside from 6Al4V Titanium presentation side out of hardened stainless steel with G10 scale. Heavily patterned for better grip yet still soft enough to not create hotspots on Your finger-tips Titanium sculpted and bent pocket clip, titanium stand-offs and stainless hardware ensures that care for the knife can be minial.



prototype of the Prototype?

Our prototypes were not ever nice, clean nor finished. We do not like to waste time by formalities when all we are after is function. I can surely say that like every other prototype of ours this one will be too tested to destruction. This is only a hint o something greater to come, so stay tuned for the next prototype.

Prototype of the Mjölnir-lock insert

We see great need in some kind of superior lock insert apart from what is available on the market today. Random shapes that are hard to maintain and once they’re gone they’re gone.

Tactical knife shoulb be rigid maintenance-less and easy to repair or if needed easily maintenanced in the field with simple tools (this is the reason we use flat head screws on all our knives, since You never know). Our solution to this problem is prototype of Mjölnir-lock.

It is precisely ground round and heat-treated screw, which is screwed in the lockbar inside precisely milled counterbore that functions  for the rest fof the screw head to distribute forces from the one point of contact with the blade. Therefore is independed of screw torque or height. If there is ever any wear on this screw which is heat treated to lower hardness than the blade is, You can just reach in with Your screw-driver or in extreme case scenario coin to just twist it a little  and Your early lockup will be restored fully. If there is ever need to replace the screw it is so simple yet-high tech that there is no problem in sending You few of these screws spare. According to calculations this lock insert should stand longer for 18.8x apart from regular lock insert. For better picturing a drawing below

Mjolnir lock