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The best of both worlds

Often, we try to come up with a new idea and we also realize it. After many requests for the production of the Tor knife with a dose of elegance, we decided for a combination of Sangriel and Tor to create a separate knife. People like to fuse different worlds- They combine and adjust. Toriel is a knife for those who want luxury and absolute efficiency, for those who are not afraid to use a knife with style and pride and know ,that functional tool can also serve as a jewel.

A successful connection

There has been written a lot about Tor and Sangriel and although it may seem at first glance that these are the same knives and therefore we just “switched handles” of the Tor and Sangriel, they have a completely different blade geometries and usability. We want to think every single knife design trough and with Toriel, the situation wasn’t different. We took the famous Tor’s cutting power and overall efficiency while cutting in a compact design and combined it with Sangriel’s individuality and elegance. Tor is a knife, you want to beat the hell out of, Sangriel is a jewel at the end of your hand. When these two properties combine, a Toriel arises! Knife that is not afraid to work and serves as an example of the user’s character.

Unique, like you

We have produced so many Toriel’s that it would be too difficult to describe them all in one article. We make custom knives and so we can directly reflect your individality and taste into your blade. Here, the owner chose African ebony protection and desert ironwood handle, which is separated by decent new silver stripe and everything is underlined by thin red fiber. We are always happy when one chooses practicality, os we made a fine satin finish on the blade, for it is easy to clean and maintain, so the same look stays forever.