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Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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  • Telchar as a gift
  • Telchar 7redi
  • Telchar prototype
  • Telchar - Ultimate bushcraft knife by TK Knives

  • Telchar - Ultimate bushcraft knife by TK Knives
  • Telchar - Ultimate bushcraft knife by TK Knives
  • Telchar - Ultimate bushcraft knife by TK Knives
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  • Telchar - Ultimate bushcraft knife by TK Knives
  • Legends reborn[/caption]


TK Knives´s ultimate bushcraft knife

As quality does not need many words a good tool does not need many features. Telchars design is inspired by northern legends and enchanted by a japanesse soul. It combines minimalistic worlds of precision and premeditation. Once a wise man said:”Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” (Antoine de Saint Exupery) and this statement is fullfilled in Telchar. When people ask me, why they should by this knife, I can not tell them about many features nor the ultra-modern experimental materials and still the Telchar is the top of our work. So I am only left with saying, that “it is a good knife”. It is throughoutly filled with our experience, knowledge and skill, which fused together and made minimalistic perfection. Telchar is a sure bet, no experiments nor risks, but is maximally focused on function and commited  to perfection. For these reasons we used our proven and trusty steel V2, which even with 62 HRC is tough as a spring, cryogenicall treated and masterfully ground so we can utilize the steels potential to its maximum.

Descendand of a legend

Tor is our most selling fixed-blade and there are many customers convinced about his ergonomy, comfort, quality and cutting power and Telchar is based on this knife. It perfectly copies Tor´s handle and modifies the blade so we can fully use steel´s capabilities. Telchar is thinner and more finely ground on japanesse waterstones and so it bites into the wood even deeper than our flagship of fixed-blades. The contour of the blade is wittly designed so it can perform as many tasks as possible from small fine and agile tasks all the way to power-cutting. Thanks to our precise heat treatment process and cryogenic treatment it is not likely, that Telchar will see the whetstone very often, but when it does, we made sure that even in the field the sharpening will be a breeze. There is no problem in doing the paracord hole nor changing the handle material entirely in case of interest.