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Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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Silver Birch



Knife with the name ” Silver Birch ” . Blades are one hundred percent handmade, on this piece were spent around 60 hours of pure work. Perfection is only a machine like , our knives are crafted gem. We want the owner to have a relationship with the knife, so it owuld be always a faithful and reliable assistant , on which he can always rely on. We produce knives with a soul. The handle is made of African ebony , which went through oil bath and conservation by ruby shellac , a resin from African beetle , that uses it to protect its eggs from the ambient conditions . Other materials on the handle are stainless steel , fiber and titanium. Which is tucked under the stainless steel, only partially exposed on the start of the handle and at the bottom of the blade and creating a “nice touch” .


The knife is made ​​of the steel SB1 hardenned to 59HRC for achieving the perfect balance between hardness and tensile strength . Steel SB1 is top of the stainless steel line. Blade and other steel parts are polished for a long time because of the design and corrosion resistance . The blade shape is called “drop point ” with a longer ” belly “, so the knife can be perfectly usable for skinning for which we also selected the “V” shape of the blade in the entire width, with thickness of 5.2 mm . We supply knives stylishly packaged in boxes made ​​to order specifically for knife and hand-painted logo to protect the blades from damage during transport and also because of the possibility of further use of the box or its exposure .


We do not want to imitate machine . In Japanese they call this Hammon in English ridge line . This knife is sharp!! When shooting in a softbox (white illuminated background in the shape of a rounded cube so 1x1m ) when I pulled it gently edged up I felt a little touch and I thought it was nothing, but then I heard the photographer screaming, it was cut to half. We take enormous effort into each part of the production of knives , so the knife wasn’t just a practical thing and the oldest cutting tool, but also an ornament, elegant jewelry. The first custom knife this company made.