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Satori comes from Japanesse Buddhism and is translated as “enlightment” “awakening” or “sudden realization”. Bold term used as a name for a knife, but this was exactly the road I took to this knife. The today´s world is full of “marketing overdesigned” knives, that are “honored” to bear a term “overbuilt”. But the truth is that often in real life they are knives that are missing core practicality and they are utterly bad at its primary function – cutting. We have a feeling that for an EDC knife there are two most important things. Firstly how comfortably it carries, second how well it cuts. As always we stand by “form follows function” philosophy and wanted to incoroporate two different worlds in one design. To make a knife that was small, light, easy to carry, but which is capable of hard cutting tasks and last but not least in extreme conditions even of batoning. One of the first things that is taken into account with any knife is its sharpness and design. This is the main reason that we used 3mm steel Niolox, which has from stainless steels one of the finest microstructures and so is one of the toughest. This gives us great oportunity to grind the knife extremely thin for hard to beat sharpness and cutting ability that lasts for a very long time. We wanted to keep the ease of carry in everyday life, in the end if the knife is back at home, it is either a showpiece, safequeen or an expensive paperweight, so we used 3mm thin 6Al4V Titanium scales, which gives Satori lightness so as toughness, thanks to this Satori´s thickness overall is only about 10mm. Here might come a question if working with Satori is comfortable and I will answer this with my own experience. We expect that if You are going to work with the knife, You probably will have gloves and with them You can experience great comfort when working with Satori. Basically its not about thickness of the handle, but the trick is in whole ergonomy of the knife. Thanks to thinly ground blade and sharpness You´ll need lot less force for a cutting task and therefore the hand will not suffer any hotspots or discomfort. But even if You found Yourself in the situation without a glove, do not despair my brothers! As for without gLOVEs we expected finer work, but we found after testing in Kamchatkan wilderness, where I used Satori 90% of the time without protection of my hands, it was still comfortable enough that hadn´t had the need to reach for my Telchar, which was hanging on my belt, altough surprised by the ultimate comfort of Telchar when I used it. Now we get to the question: Why Satori? Let it be concrete jungle You´re in or in the wilderness a man needs a good knife. When one of my friends asked me, why would I buy this knife? I answered after a short thought:”Beacuse it is a good knife, after 7 years of experience I think I cought every little mistake and I do not even have a need to look for other knife. When I was in Kamchatka, so I could test our own gear to its core, with which we supply adventurers of much greater caliber than ourselves, I reached a kind of satori myself. I came to a relization of the term “efficiency” and also that that its all in the details. Is the knife at hand? Is the knife safe? Is it capable of this work? Can I pry it in the wood? Will it still be sharp for gutting a fish? With Satori I answered all of these questions “yes”.