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Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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For centuries the Japanese Sashimi knife was one of the most used knives in the cuisine . TK Knives inserted a new dimension to this manually made knife. It is one of the most difficult knife to fabricate.

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Unsurpassed sharpness

High -sided flat grinding, which is polished like a mirror shows how experienced bladesmith has to be, for everything to be precise, perfect and pleasing. Unlike traditional ” sushi knives ” We did the blade grind higher that the knife originaly was created for better cutting the food better than a razor . We used a first-class premium RWL -34 steel , hardened to reach 63.5HRC , hardness, which is close to a file for metal! Perfect Balance of the blade creates a sense of ease and agility and helps professional cooks with their everyday work, despite the length of the blade , which exceeds 35 cm . The lightness of the knife is caused by decent hollow grind on the other side, so only an almost invisible blade comes into contact with food and there is nothing that could stop the sharp edge in its way ( apex angle is 4 ° !) .

Comfort at work

We very carefully thought through the ergonomics of the handle so that the knife is held in unrivalled comfort , while allowing a variety of changeable grips when working in the kitchen and the handle is not in your way. Pebble rounded wood Cocobolo is supported by titanium, which, in conjunction with precise lines and shiny blade adds precise, minimalistic design. Knife Sashimi is in Japan called the “King of Knives” just because of how complex it is and how its production must the bladesmith be experienced, that everything worked as it should, all at a thickness of 2-3 mm. We moved the King of knives even farther by using the latest materials and technologies.