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Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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One of its kind

Sangriel , although it looks as if it belonged only to showcase, it is designed like a knife to nature, and can withstand a lot. But why would a practical and durable things couldn’t be beautiful ? The knife has a full- tang structure and the blade we chose already proven SB1 steel that is polished to a high gloss finish to resist corrosion even more. Although the blade is made ​​of stainless steel , its parameters during heat treatment were consistently fine-tuned for high strength and durability of the blade – two parameters that are fighting with each other, but obtainable with an extensive know -how and the precise method, which this knife passed.

Definition of luxury

The handle materials were these. The larger part consists of a root bryuére , which is used in the manufacture of pipes , between other wood and briar is alpaca (new silver) , which is based on 9000 years old swamp oak, drying 40 years on the air. We had an amazing opportunity to use on the Sangriel . As the transition from the handle to the blade , we used Alpaca and titanium , which perfectly fit into the whole nature of the knife. Between the steel and wood is a thin strip of red fibre, which is not well recognized only by eye because it has a similar color with the wood , and it is a subtle detail , but the details just push the knife in the other , higher category. An artistic etching was made on the blade , which just makes the knife controversial , but with a soul . There is engraving in the elven alphabet, that says – Happy the one who lives for what would have died.