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  • Naule

Designed for nature

Naule is simple, but the most practical knife. His place is deep in the countryside , where it becomes a knife with total ease . Handle is accurately and ergonomically shaped for the customer’s hand, made ​​from thousands of years old bog oak (lighter wood in the photos American walnut) . Width , thickness and length of the blade was designed in detail with the incredible result of cutting and maintaining the overall strength of the knife. In the production of Naule , we focused on maximum functionality of the knife and put it in combination with almost archaic artistic value. We took a knife and pressed it into a unique element of TK Knives for maximum quality, that we are able to deliver for a particular purpose .

Mighty, but precise

The angle of the blade is so small that it is razor sharp, but the knife is still tough enough for harsh treatment . Again, I must mention the quality of our used steel and heat treatment , which this knife has and it moves it between the world’s top knives. Often steel, that sells well , that sounds good, and are exalted as the best option , do not reach such quality as this one (Name of the steel and method of processing are secrets of TK). We wouldn’t be brave enough to give lifetime warranty, if we wouldn’t trust it. Here we have no fear of failure, and we are confident that is surpasses knives considered the best in the world . Our capabilities , experience , scientific knowledge and access to materials will speak for itself in the hands of our customers .

Created to be challenged

It is always difficult to represent the ability of the blade only by words. For myself, I can say only that after seeing the capacities of Naule , I was just amazed . After hardening to test the strength , I was slamming the tip of the blade flat against the wall, without any impact on the knife. Without chipping the very fine point or any damage elsewhere . Due to the very small grain size of steel, hardened to about 60HRC , the knife can be sharpened into, hard to reach sharpeness, and it can seamlessly handle any challenge that it faces. For centuries tested blade shape is adapted to all tasks that can occur in nature .