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Kano | Practical without limits

Practical and without limits

How should a knife for a Chief Warrant officer look like? For a man thats gets into action every time his team does, has to guide his men throught the action and himself be a part of it? So nothing inhibits the action and there is no thought of a failure as the knife so in the officer. This is a real kind of a task for us and for him.

Secret companion

The knife has to be light, ergonomic, practical, sharp and reliable. Everything is hidden in this small blade. Kano has such an ergonomy the ourselves tended to grab it while working on other knives! It was insanely sharp at all times. Featuring 10 cm blade, thickness of 3.5mm and overall lenght of 21 cm, paracord handle and differential hardening. The beautiful finish of a Wolfwash gives it a concealed look. One proverb says that for a quality there is not many words and with this knife we totally agree. So perfect there is no need for words, just work and this knife works perfectly.