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Handcrafted knives with reference to the tradition of Japanese masters shifted to the level of technologial perfection.

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Made to serve

Over a year we had been making one type of a folding knife, removed all mistakes and shifted it on the new level of folding knives. When something is compact, surely after comes something bigger, overbuilt and in some aspects maybe even better


In modern World there are too few things that last and are built to last. Dreadnought is an example of both. Robust 6mm handle slab is made from highest strenght alluminium and is so light that You can barely feel it in hand. Replaceable lock is out of aircraft titanium, which is milled in the handle and is almost physically impossible to fail. Belt clip is 6Al4V titanium, this is all because of strenght and weight. The best for the end. Blade is made out of Vanadis 4 EXTRA of unbelievable 65 HRC! Steel with tremendous abrassion resistance, but still optimal for sharpening, steel so tough that it is used to cut thick sheets. Now fuse this miracle and our technology and geometry. There is nano-composite coating on the blade with high Cr amount for absolute corrosion resistance, with abrasion resistance and hardness even greater than the steel itself. Based on customers wish it is possible to coat the blade in black DLC. On a recent Bladeshow in Bratislava we have presented cutting through hemp rope 1160 times and the knife was still able to cut paper. We wanted to continue, but we have run out of battery of camera, so we will do this experiment again. Blade glides on bearings, which can be changed to ceramics. Please note, this is a prototype a proof of concept, which works greatly, so do not expect shiny bevels and smooth surfaces, this is my personal knife and it is made to serve. Our books are open, please take into account that we will modify your knife to your requirements and liking, it is possible to choose surface finnishes, and also some shapes, for more information please send us an e-mail at: